Bulletin of Forestry Science / Volume 9

Contents of volume 9

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Volume 9, Issue 1-2

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Climate change can be detected in the national forestry database
Kottek, P. & Király, É.
Pages 7-18 | First published: 25 June 2019
Modeling pollen capacity of forest areas based on tree species and pollen data
Rozovits, F. P., Magyar, Zs., Kottek, P. & Bordács, S.
Pages 19-33 | First published: 25 June 2019
Role of red wood ants (Formica rufa group) in forest protection in europe – a literature review
Fürjes-Mikó, Á., Csősz, S. & Csóka, Gy.
Pages 35-50 | First published: 25 June 2019
Study on the Macroheterocera assemblages of the Nyírség (Northeast Hungary) using volatile traps
Szanyi, Sz., Molnár, A., Kozák, L., Szalárdi, T., Varga, Z., Tóth, M. & Nagy, A.
Pages 51-68 | First published: 3 September 2019
Investigation of relationship between dendrometric variables of infected host trees by European mistletoe (Viscum album L.) with dependence of infection intensity
Baltazár, T., Varga, I. & Pejchal, M.
Pages 69-85 | First published: 15 November 2019
Effect of Robinia pseudoacacia, Populus x. euramericana, and Quercus robur plantations on groundwater and iontransport at the northern hungarian plain
Szabó, A., Gribovszki, Z., Bolla, B., Balog, K., Csáfordi, P. & Tóth, T.
Pages 87-97 | First published: 15 November 2019
Pitfall trapping arachnological survey in the Szalafő Forest Reserve
Bali, L., Andrési, D., Ferka, R., Tuba, K. & Szinetár, Cs.
Pages 99-112 | First published: 15 November 2019
Review of the possibilities of bark utilization
Börcsök, Z., Adamik, P. & Pásztory, Z.
Pages 113-138 | First published: 15 November 2019
Determining the bearing capacity of lime-treated soils by the CBR method
Primusz, P., Kalicz, P., Kisfaludi, B. & Péterfalvi, J.
Pages 139-157 | First published: 15 November 2019