Bulletin of Forestry Science / Volume 7

Contents of volume 7

The cover of vol: 7, nr: 1-2

Volume 7, Issue 1-2

Published in print: 2017. december 31.

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Property structure of private forests in Hungary
Mertl, T. & Schiberna, E.
Pages 7-23 | First published: 23 June 2017
Reasons and consequences of ice damage of the forest stands at the Pilis Park Forestry Company
Csépányi, P., Magassy, E., Kontor, Cs., Szabó, Cs., Szentpéteri, S., Németh, R., Némedy, Z., Müller, Sz., Szabó, M., Kovács, A., Szenthe, G., Limp, G., Ocsovai, Z., Brandhuber, Á., Farkas, V. & Petrik, J.
Pages 25-41 | First published: 13 June 2017
The possibilities of visual evaluation process of infected trees by European mistletoe (Viscum album L.)
Baltazár, T., Varga, I. & Pejchal, M.
Pages 43-58 | First published: 31 May 2017
Mark-recapture study on the featheres thorn (Colotis pennaria), mottled umber (Erannis defoliaria) and scarce umber (Eranis aurantiaria)
Horváth, B. & Ambrus, A.
Pages 59-67 | First published: 2 June 2017
Pitfall trapping arachnological survey in the Educational Forest of Ásotthalom
Bali, L., Szinetár, Cs., Andrési, D., Tuba, K. & Kálmán, K.
Pages 69-84 | First published: 23 May 2017
New climate scenarios – smaller drought risk for European beech?
Gálos, B. & Somogyi, Z.
Pages 85-98 | First published: 21 November 2017
Investigation of the variation of precipitation
Manninger, M.
Pages 99-113 | First published: 24 October 2017
Natural regeneration of red oak (Quercus rubra) stands: case studies
Keserű, Zs., Csiha, I., Kovács, Cs., Rásó, J. & Rédei, K.
Pages 115-125 | First published: 24 October 2017
Rapid area expansion and mass occurrences of the invasive oak lace bug [Corythucha arcuata (Say 1932)] in Hungary
Csepelényi, M., Hirka, A., Szénási, Á., Mikó, Á., Szőcs, L. & Csóka, Gy.
Pages 127-134 | First published: 1 December 2017
Importance of dead wood and other forest habitat variables for the bats
Dobrosi, D.
Pages 135-154 | First published: 19 November 2017