Bulletin of Forestry Science / Volume 13

Contents of volume 13

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Volume 13, Issue 1-2

Published in print: 2023. december 31.

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Estimation of spring caterpillar biomass in hungarian deciduous forests from long-term light trap data – what will the insectivorous bird nestlings eat?
Eötvös, Cs. B., Hirka, A., Gimesi, L., Lövei, G., Gáspár, Cs. & Csóka, Gy.
Pages 5-20 | First published: 7 June 2023
A literature review of the hungarian mycorrhiza research and its results
Dredor, D. & Szmatona-Túri, T.
Pages 21-34 | First published: 12 July 2023
The current state and potential of the common hornbeam (Carpinus betulus L.) in forestry and in wood industry
Fodor, F. & Mertl, T.
Pages 35-53 | First published: 21 April 2023
Regional analysis of wild game effects on natural regeneration in the Nnorth Hungarian Mountains
Szmorad, F. & Standovár, T.
Pages 55-73 | First published: 28 August 2023
Forest yield function and table of turkey oak (Quercus cerris) stands by the fri’s long duration research network database
Kollár, T.
Pages 77-101 | First published: 28 September 2023
Study on springtail communities of dead wood microhabitats
Séllei, D., Tóth, V. & Winkler, D.
Pages 103-122 | First published: 28 September 2023
Amount of lamellae derived from low-quality oak logs
Horváth, D. & Fehér, S.
Pages 123-129 | First published: 27 November 2023
Factors influencing the short-distance spread of oak lace bug [Corythucha arcuata Say, 1832)] in hungarian oak forests
Eötvös, Cs. B., Tóth, M., Hirka, A., Fürjes-Mikó, Á., Gáspár, Cs., Paulin, M., Lakatos, F. & Csóka, Gy.
Pages 131-144 | First published: 12 December 2023