Bulletin of Forestry Science / Volume 4 / Issue 2 / Pages 43-54
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Characterization of the temperature and precipitation condition of Zala County

Miklós Manninger & Zoltán Pödör


Correspondence: Manninger Miklós

Postal address: H-1027 Budapest, Frankel Leó u. 1.

e-mail: manningerm[at]erti.hu


Considering the possible impacts of the climate change we investigated the time series of precipitation ranging from 1901 to 2013 at Nagykanizsa and Zalaegerszeg in Zala county. Firstly we aggregated seasonal sums from the monthly data according to the periods of the water cycle in the forest (storage: Nov-Apr, main consumption: May-July, maintenance: Aug-Oct, hydrological year: Nov-Oct), then we studied the distributions and trends in time, and analysed the break points. We also carried out these analyses on the temperature data of Nagykanizsa (1972-2013). The results show great variety in the seasonal precipitation sums (CV is about 30%), while the CV of the seasonal mean of the temperature – except from the storage period – is smaller (5-7%). Depending on the station and the period, mostly a decreasing trend can be detected for precipitation and the seasonal means of the temperature are increasing significantly. Break points appear in the time series of the precipitation from 1941 till 2000, but they occur mostly in different years on the different stations, thus they are not valid for the whole region. In the time series of temperature there are break points in the recent past.

Keywords: Zala county, time series of temperature and precipitation, distribution of precipitation, break point analyses

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    Manninger, M. & Pödör, Z. (2014): Characterization of the temperature and precipitation condition of Zala County. Bulletin of Forestry Science, 4(2): 43-54. (in Hungarian)

    Volume 4, Issue 2
    Pages: 43-54

    First published:
    8 October 2014

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